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v0.1.1 2019-01-26 12:44 UTC


Fat-free framework API Boilerplate to make your life easier.

I really love to make APIs so here's my basic API Standard. Heavily inspired by Facebook API and my senpai's standard.

Installed Instance:

  • Fat-free for the cure core of this boilerplate.
  • Cortex for modelling (you could remove it easily, please see our manual (soon))
  • Ilgar for easy migrations.


Better output standards. the app/output/formatter.php are responsible to make your outputs beautiful. It's designed to be easily changed. The app/view/api.php are the one responsible to choose whether it's XML or JSON output.

API Standards

Method URL Controller Description
GET /@module/@func(.json | .xml | null) Controller\@module->get_@func Usually i get listings of things by this method.
POST /@module/@func(.json | .xml | null) Controller\@module->post_@func Usually i create object with this.
PUT (POST-like) /@module/@func(.json | .xml | null) Controller\@module->put_@func I update things here.
DELETE /@module/@func(.json | .xml | null) Controller\@module->delete_@func I delete things here.

NOTE: The @func is optional. When access GET /@module, it will invoke Controller\@module->get_index and etc. So it's important to know how todo things.

NOTE: Oh the future, i'll add the Authorization header required for API Key and etcs. Please bear with us.

SPECIAL: You just need to add ?json_pretty_print on the end of the URL if you wanted to pretty print the JSON. Have fun!

WARNING: When the extension is not defined, we'll treat them as JSON.

Getting Started

  • Invoke this:

    $ composer create-project chez14/f3-api my-api
  • Do your own setup on app/config/

    find for .example.ini file, and change them as your system setups.

  • Run the development server:

    $ composer run-script start --timeout=0
  • Run a migration

    You can access http://localhost:8080/-/migrate to start the migration.