Contains classes, interfaces and traits that are shared between check24/apitk-* bundles

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4.0.0 2022-01-19 12:17 UTC


Contains classes, interfaces and traits that are shared between apitk-* bundles, mainly:


Install the package via composer:

composer require check24/apitk-common-bundle

You usually don't have to install it by yourself, because it is only for other apitk-bundles.



Useful traits for your ParamConverter Annotation:

  • EntityAwareAnnotationTrait
    Adds entity, entityManager and methodName options
  • RequestParamAwareAnnotationTrait
    Adds requestParam option


Common logic for changing Swagger/OpenAPI annotations via PHP.


Useful traits for your ParamConverter logic:

ContextAwareParamConverterTrait.php EntityAwareParamConverterTrait.php

  • ContextAwareParamConverterTrait
    Provides $this->getOption('name', 'default') convenience methods to access annotation options easily.
  • EntityAwareParamConverterTrait
    Adds getEntity(), getEntityManager() and callRepositoryMethod() convenience to access an entity, its appropriate entity manager and repository for the given Annotation options.
  • RequestParamAwareParamConverterTrait
    Adds getRequestParam() and getRequestParamValue() methods to access a request param given by Annotation options easily. It's also possible to define defaults here.