A simple PHP5.3+ Finite State Machine

1.0.3 2014-05-05 08:08 UTC


Finite is a Simple State Machine, written in PHP. It can manage any Stateful object by defining states and transitions between these states.

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  • Managing State/Transition graph for an object
  • Defining and retrieving properties for states
  • Event Listenable transitions
  • Symfony2 integration
  • Custom state graph loaders
  • Twig Extension

Getting started

Installation (via composer)

      "require": {
        "yohang/finite": "~1.1"

Define your Stateful Object

Your stateful object just need to implement the StatefulInterface Interface.

use Finite\StatefulInterface;

class Document implements StatefulInterface
        private $state;
        public function setFiniteState($state)
                $this->state = $state;

        public function getFiniteState()
            return $this->state;

Initializing a simple StateMachine

use Finite\StateMachine\StateMachine;
use Finite\State\State;
use Finite\State\StateInterface;

// $document = retrieve your stateful object

$sm = new StateMachine();

// Define states
$sm->addState(new State('s1', StateInterface::TYPE_INITIAL));
$sm->addState(new State('s4', StateInterface::TYPE_FINAL));

// Define transitions
$sm->addTransition('t12', 's1', 's2');
$sm->addTransition('t23', 's2', 's3');
$sm->addTransition('t34', 's3', 's4');
$sm->addTransition('t42', 's4', 's2');

// Initialize

// Retrieve current state

// Can we process a transition ?