sitemap.xml module for luya CMS

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LUYA sitemap.xml Module

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The LUYA sitemap.xml module provides sitemap.xml support for SEO.

Currently it only generates sitemap entries for pages created by the CMS module.


For the installation of modules Composer is required.

composer require cebe/luya-module-sitemap


Add the frontend module of the sitemap module to your configuration modules section:

return [
    'modules' => [
        // ...
        'sitemap' => [
            'class' => cebe\luya\sitemap\Module::class,
            // available configuration options:

            // include hidden pages in sitemap.xml, default=false
            //'withHidden' => true,

            // encode urls in sitemap.xml, default=true
            //'encodeUrls' => true,
        // ...

Please note that the module name sitemap is required and should not be changed!

Development & Testing

In order to run the unit tests install sqlite

sudo apt-get install php-sqlite3

and run the tests

./vendor/bin/phpunit tests/


Professional support, consulting as well as software development services are available:

Development of this library is sponsored by cebe.:cloud: "Your Professional Deployment Platform".