A small tool to convert text file indentation.





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1.0.2 2014-05-23 14:40 UTC


A small tool to convert (or enforce) text file indentation. Tabs to spaces or spaces to tabs.


Install via composer or just clone the repo.

Global installation

Install it globally using:

composer global require cebe/indent

Make sure your composer directory ($HOME/.composer/vendor/bin) is in your PATH.


indent [--tabs|--spaces] [-r [--pattern=...]] [files or directories...]

--tabs    convert all indentation to tabs. Assuming 4 spaces tab length.
--spaces  convert all indentation to spaces.

-r        recursively go over all directories given as argument and convert
          files that match --pattern.

--pattern the pattern to match files for when using -r. Defaults to '*.php'.

--help    shows this usage information.

If no file is specified input will be read from STDIN.


Convert myfile.php to tabs:

indent --tabs myfile.php

Convert all .php-files and the in current dir to spaces:

indent --spaces *.php

Convert all .php-files in dir to tabs (recursively):

indent --tabs -r dir

Convert all .md-files in dir to spaces (recursively):

indent --spaces --pattern=*.md -r dir

Convert STDIN, which is the content of myfile.php to spaces and print the result to STDOUT:

cat myfile.php | ./indent --spaces