Ting : a lightweight datamapper


Ting is a simple DataMapper implementation for PHP. It runs with MySQL and PostgreSQL and is under Apache-2.0 licence.

It has some distinctive features and design choices :

  • Pure PHP implementation (no PDO, no XML)
  • No abstraction layer : you speak the language of your RDBMS
  • Fast, low memory consumption
  • Simple to use, simple to extend

You can read this few examples, or go to the Documentation or see more samples.

Retrieve object by ID

$cityRepository = $services->get('RepositoryFactory')->get('\sample\src\model\CityRepository');

## Retrieve city by id :
$city = $cityRepository->get(3);

Simple query

# This query supports the same syntax as prepared statements, but it'll be a regular query
$query = $cityRepository->getQuery(
    "select cit_id, cit_name, c.cou_code, cit_district, cit_population, last_modified,
        co.cou_code, cou_name, cou_continent, cou_region, cou_head_of_state
    from t_city_cit as c
    inner join t_country_cou as co on (c.cou_code = co.cou_code)
    where co.cou_code = :code limit 3"

$collection = $query->setParams(['code' => 'FRA'])->query();

foreach ($collection as $result) {
    echo str_repeat("-", 40) . "\n";

Prepared Statement

// Simple query :
$query = $cityRepository->getQuery('SQL Statement');
// Prepared statement :
$query = $cityRepository->getPreparedQuery('SQL Statement');

QueryBuilder provided by aura/sqlquery

$queryBuilder = $cityRepository->getQueryBuilder($cityRepository::QUERY_SELECT);
    ->cols(['cit_id', 'cit_name as name'])
$query = $cityRepository->getQuery($queryBuilder->getStatement());

More :