0.7.2 2018-04-05 19:40 UTC


This package is designed to make our objects interoperable between frameworks -- WordPress, Slim, Laravel, etc. -- as well as client and server.

  • Interfaces that provide data-typing of entities, more consistent translation to and from array/ JSON/ database serialization and more predictable public APIs of business logic providing classes.
  • Traits that provide implementations of these interfaces.

👀🌋 This Is A Module Of The Caldera Framework



  • Add to your package:
    • composer require calderawp/caldera-interop
  • Install for development
    • git clone && composer install


Adding A Filter (Subscribe)

Applying A Filter (Dispatch)

Adding An Action (Subscribe)

Not yet implemented.

Doing An Action (Dispatch)

Not yet implemented.


  • Run unit tests
    • composer test:unit

License, Copyright, etc.

Copyright 2018+ CalderaWP LLC and licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL license. Please share with your neighbor.