Various plugin traits to use with robo.li

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Installation of the .robo Vendor


Go get the Default RoboFile for a quick start,


or put the following code on top of your RoboFile.php:


echo RoboFile::ROBO_DIR;
(is_dir(RoboFile::ROBO_DIR) || mkdir(RoboFile::ROBO_DIR)) && chdir(RoboFile::ROBO_DIR);
if (!is_file('composer.json')) {
    exec('composer init --no-interaction', $output, $resultCode);
    exec('composer require c33s/robofile --no-interaction', $output, $resultCode);
    exec('rm composer.yaml || rm composer.yml || return true', $output, $resultCode2);
    if ($resultCode > 0) {
        copy('https://getcomposer.org/composer.phar', 'composer');
        exec('php composer require c33s/robofile --no-interaction');
} else {
    exec('composer install --dry-run --no-interaction 2>&1', $output);
    if (false === in_array('Nothing to install or update', $output)) {
        fwrite(STDERR, "\n##### Updating .robo dependencies #####\n\n")
        && exec('composer install --no-interaction');
require RoboFile::ROBO_DIR.'/vendor/autoload.php';

This will install c33s/robofile in .robo/vendor using composer (loaded temporarily if needed) and autoload it.

Projects .gitignore

ci requires that you add the following folders to your projects .gitignore file.


simply run robo ci:gitignore


or add the folloing directories manually to your gitignore



You can use all the available tasks by including the main trait:

class RoboFile extends \Robo\Tasks
    use \C33s\Robo\C33sTasks;

Or you may select them by hand to prevent collisions with your own tasks. Take a look at C33s\Robo\C33sTasks.php to find out about the single modules. Please be aware that some of those tasks depend on others.

Robo hooks debugging

A helper trait to list the order and arguments of all hooks triggered during your robo command is also available. Just add the trait to your RoboFile.php:

class RoboFile extends \Robo\Tasks
    use \C33s\Robo\DebugHooksTrait;

CI modules, versions and hashes

The available CI modules can be found at https://robo.c33s.services/. The project sources are located at https://gitlab.com/vworldat/ci-provider.

Update dependencies

c33s-toolkit/robo-file can be updated by executing robo ci:self-update. If this is somehow broken, just change into the .robo directory and run composer update.