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Redirect for Bonnier integration with Custom Permalink and Polylang

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A requirement to use this plugin is custom-redirects


To import aliases and redirect you must run the following commands

wp bonnier redirect import redirect GDS-path_redirect-20170814.csv


wp bonnier redirect import alias GDS-url_alias-20170814.csv


This plugin exposes the following filters:

redirect/slug-is-live | Bonnier\WP\Redirect\WPBonnierRedirect::FILTER_SLUG_IS_LIVE:

Perform your own validation on whether a url is live or not.

 * @param bool $isLive The plugins evaluation of whether the url is live or not
 * @param string $url The 'from'-url being saved
 * @param string $locale The locale of the redirect being saved
 * @param WP_Post|WP_Term|null $object The object found by the redirect plugin - null if $isLive == false
 * @return bool
add_filter('redirect/slug-is-live', function (bool $isLive, string $url, string $locale, $object) {
    return $isLive;
}, 10, 4);


This plugin exposes the following actions:

redirect/redirect-saved | Bonnier\WP\Redirect\WPBonnierRedirect::ACTION_REDIRECT_SAVED:

Register an action, when a new redirect is saved.

 * @param Redirect $redirect The newly created redirect
add_filter('redirect/redirect-saved', function (Redirect $redirect) {
    // Do stuff with the newly created Redirect
}, 10);