A client to access the Factorio mod portal.

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This library implements a PHP client to access the API of the Factorio Mod Portal.


The client is shipped with a ConfigProvider to directly integrate it into a Zend Expressive project. Using it in other contexts will require additional configuration not covered by this README file.

To use the client in a Zend Expressive context, add the BluePsyduck\FactorioModPortalClient\ConfigProvider to your config aggregator, and fetch the actual client or the facade from the container.


The client provides a zero-config setup. Yet, to use the full feature set, few values are required to be configured:


use BluePsyduck\FactorioModPortalClient\Constant\ConfigKey;

return [
    ConfigKey::MAIN => [
        ConfigKey::OPTIONS => [
            // Your Factorio username. This username is used to build a full download link, avoiding getting redirected
            // to the login page. 
            // See for further details.
            ConfigKey::OPTION_USERNAME => 'your-username',
            // The token to your username.
            ConfigKey::OPTION_TOKEN => 'your-token',

            // The timeout in seconds to use for the request. Defaults to 10 seconds.
            ConfigKey::OPTION_TIMEOUT => 10,


There are basically two approaches to requesting data from the mod portal API: Using the facade for simple access, and using the client directly for the full set of features.

Using the facade is straight forward: Request the facade instance from the container, pass the requests in and get the responses back:

/* @var \Psr\Container\ContainerInterface $container */

use BluePsyduck\FactorioModPortalClient\Client\Facade;
use BluePsyduck\FactorioModPortalClient\Request\ModRequest; 

/* @var Facade $facade */
$facade = $container->get(Facade::class);

$mod = $facade->getMod((new ModRequest())->setName('FARL'));

// Do something with the received mod.

Using the client itself allows you to make parallel requests using the Promises returned by the client for the requests.

/* @var \Psr\Container\ContainerInterface $container */

use BluePsyduck\FactorioModPortalClient\Client\ClientInterface;
use BluePsyduck\FactorioModPortalClient\Request\ModRequest; 
use BluePsyduck\FactorioModPortalClient\Response\ModResponse;
use function GuzzleHttp\Promise\all;

/* @var ClientInterface $client */
$client = $container->get(ClientInterface::class);

$request1 = (new ModRequest())->setName('FARL');
$request2 = (new ModRequest())->setName('FNEI');

/* @var ModResponse[] $responses*/
$responses = all([
    'FARL' => $client->sendRequest($request1),
    'FNEI' => $client->sendRequest($request2)

// Do something with the responses

Additionally, both the facade and the client provide methods to transform download and asset paths to their full URL:

/* @var BluePsyduck\FactorioModPortalClient\Client\Facade $facade */
/* @var BluePsyduck\FactorioModPortalClient\Response\ModResponse $response */

$downloadUrl = $facade->getDownloadUrl($response->getReleases()[0]->getDownloadUrl());
$thumbnail = $facade->getAssetUrl($response->getThumbnail());