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  • PHP


    Bootstrap Package delivers a full configured frontend theme for TYPO3, based on the Bootstrap CSS Framework.

  • PHP


    This blog extension uses TYPO3s core concepts and elements to provide a full-blown blog that users of TYPO3 can instantly understand and use.

  • HTML


    A GDPR tracking consent popup. It asks for approval to include tracking objects (cookies, images or any HTML) and includes the objects when consented. It also removes cookies after the consent has been revoked. Notice: Supports TYPO3v8-v*, but each unique version only supports one!

  • PHP


    Sanitize SVG files on upload

  • PHP


    Improvements for TYPO3 Editors

  • JavaScript


    Backend extension for query builder in list module.

  • JavaScript


    Lightweight, robust, elegant syntax highlighting content element based on PrismJS

  • PHP


    This extension provides a usercentrics integration into TYPO3.

  • PHP


    Extension for enhanced Rights and Roles

  • PHP


    Create pages from predefined templates

  • t3g/google-ads

    Google Ads integration into TYPO3

  • PHP


    Mainz in Danger - the site package for SkillDisplays gamification adventure for ongoing TYPO3 CMS certified editors

  • t3graf/setdefaultauthor

    Defaults the author/email fields in pages and sys_notes to the info from the currently logged in user.

  • t3graf/extended-bootstrap-package

    Extends Benjamin Kott's Bootstrap package with new, useful functions such as mega menus, an optional top bar panel, new CE's and more. Furthermore, it's a good example how you can adapt the bootstrap package to your own needs.