Sentry handler for php SDK

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It is a Monolog handler for Sentry PHP SDK v2 with breadcrumbs support.


  • Send each log record to a Sentry server
  • Send log records as breadcrumbs when they are handled in batch; the main reported log record is the one with the highest log level
  • Send log along with exception when one is set in the main log record context
  • Customize data sent to Sentry to fit your needs
  • Compatible with Monolog 1 and 2
  • Workaround for an issue that prevents sending logs in long running process



The suggested installation method is via composer:

composer require bgalati/monolog-sentry-handler

Basic usage


use BGalati\MonologSentryHandler\SentryHandler;
use Sentry\State\Hub;

$sentryHandler = new SentryHandler(Hub::getCurrent());

/** @var $logger Monolog\Logger */

// Add records to the log

Check out the handler constructor to know how to control the minimum logging level and bubbling.


  • It is a good idea to combine this handler with a FingersCrossedHandler and a BufferHandler to leverage Sentry breadcrumbs. It gives maximum context for each Sentry event and prevents slowing down http requests.
  • Beware of issue getsentry/sentry-php#878 that can be solved by using another HTTP client

Check out the symfony guide for a complete example that addresses all these points



What are the differences with the official Monolog Sentry handler?

It is pretty much the same thing but this one captures Monolog records as breadcrumbs when flushing in batch.

It provides a workaround for issue getsentry/sentry-php#811 which prevents sending events to Sentry in long running process.

Breadcrumbs support has been proposed in a pull request that has been refused for good reasons that can be checked in the PR. Basically the official one aims to be as simple as possible.

Why symfony guide while there is an official Symfony bundle?

The symfony official bundle relies on Symfony KernelException event to send event to Sentry while Symfony already cares about logging/capturing errors thanks to Monolog bundle.

At the end, it's not possible to report silenced error with the bundle which can be problematic if you want to be aware of problems without making your app crashed.

What about contributing it to the Monolog project?

As per this comment, Monolog project does not accept new handler with 3rd party dependencies.

For new handlers with third-party dependencies IMO the right way is to publish as a third-party package, with requires on monolog and on whichever dependency is needed. It lets Composer resolve everything which makes more sense really.


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