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Berlioz framework

What is it ?

Berlioz is a slim framework to publish your online projects like website, intranet, api...

It allow you to use routes into simple controllers, forms class, template engine (Twig), and many others features.

Why ?

More faster and simplest than a big framework like Symfony and Zend. Only the essentials tools to help you to launch your projects, small to big.

You can complete the usage by others libraries like phpFastCache (that we recommend) for cache management for example.

PSR support:

  • PSR 2: Coding Style Guide
  • PSR 3: Logger Interface
  • PSR 4: Autoloading Standard
  • PSR 5: PHPDoc Standard
  • PSR 7: HTTP Message Interface
  • PSR 11: Container Interface
  • PSR 14: Event Manager
  • PSR 16: Simple Cache


A technical documentation is available to help you to use Berlioz Framework.