This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the berlioz/helpers package instead.

Additional functions for PHP

dev-develop 2020-03-11 00:34 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-03-11 00:34:17 UTC


⚠️ Package abandoned, look at replacement package: BerliozFramework/Helpers ⚠️

Berlioz Utils

Additional functions for PHP to help you in development.


  • b_time_to_sec(...): return the number of seconds since midnight with hour param in format (HⓂ️i)
  • b_sec_to_time(...): format time with timestamp in entry
  • b_date_format(...): format date/time object or timestamp to the given pattern
  • b_age(...): calculation of age with birthday
  • b_db_date(...): convert date in entry to the database format (computer format)


  • b_form_protect(...): protect data passed into form values
  • b_form_control(...): control form input data (from $_GET or $_POST)
  • b_form_control_get(...): control form input data from $_GET
  • b_form_control_post(...): control form input data from $_POST


  • b_is_secured_page(...): is secured page ?
  • b_get_secured_page(...): get secured page of given url


  • b_mb_detect_encoding(...): mb_detect_encoding() alternative (using iconv)
  • b_detect_utf_encoding(...): detect UTF encoding of string or files
  • b_remove_bom(...): remove the BOM of UTF string or files
  • b_truncate(...): truncate string
  • b_remove_entities(...): remove entities from string
  • b_strtouri(...): treat string for url
  • b_random_string(...): generate an hazard string
  • b_email_account(...): extract account part of email
  • b_email_domain(...): extract domain of email
  • b_nl2p(...): surrounds paragraphs with "P" HTML tag and inserts HTML line breaks before all newlines


  • b_property_get(...): get property value to an object when we don't know getter format
  • b_property_set(...): set property value to an object when we don't know setter format


  • b_array_traverse(...): traverse array with keys
  • b_array_merge_recursive(...): merge two or more arrays recursively


  • b_gradient_color(...): calculate a gradient destination color
  • b_img_size(...): calculate sizes with new given width and height
  • b_img_resize(...): resize image
  • b_img_support(...): resize support of image