Create UML class diagrams from your PHP source.

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UmlWriter is a library that adds the ability to generate UML class diagrams.


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Documentation Documentation

All the documentation is available on following websites generated from the docs folder.

For users that still used the unmaintained version 1.3, please visit for documentation

PHAR distribution

You can build yourself a PHAR version of this library. Use the Box Manifest project.

Invoke the following command

php box-manifest.phar compile --config=box.json.dist

// or simply

php box-manifest.phar compile

And find the umlwriter.phar file in bin directory.

CAUTION: It's NOT recommended requiring it as a dependency in composer.json of your project, to avoid including into manifest all components of BoxManifest.

Use instead, either :

Invoke the following command

docker run --rm -it -u "$(id -u):$(id -g)" -w /usr/src -v $(pwd):/usr/src compile --config=box.json.dist

// or simply

docker run --rm -it -u "$(id -u):$(id -g)" -w /usr/src -v $(pwd):/usr/src compile


This library includes a console CLI version with only one command: diagram:class

bin/umlwriter diagram:class src/ --generator graphviz

NOTE use verbose level 1 or 2 for more details.


  • Laurent Laville (Lead Developer)


bartlett/graph-uml is a refactored version (with more features) of clue/graph-uml project, licensed under MIT.