Creates manifests for a PHP Archive (PHAR) and the BOX project (

3.5.1 2023-10-13 09:31 UTC


Main goal of this project is to write a manifest in any PHP Archive (PHAR) built with the BOX tool.


Provides a Symfony Console Application with the binary command box-manifest that is able to :

  • generate any manifest in multiple format (plain, ansi, console, sbom XML or JSON) even in a custom format.
  • generate a custom phar stub that will support --manifest option at runtime.
  • compile your PHAR with a wrapper around standard BOX compile command (with bootstrapping support: --bootstrap option).
  • display information about the PHAR extension or file.
  • validate the BOX configuration file.


Major version 3 will not use anymore the cweagans/composer-patches composer plugin to patch humbug/box at install runtime.

Version Compatibility

Version Status Box Project Compatibility
3.0.x to 3.5.x Active support 4.0.x to 4.3.x
2.0.x to 2.3.x End Of Life 4.0.x to 4.2.x
1.0.x to 1.2.0 End Of Life 3.x


All the documentation is available on website, generated from the docs folder.


  • Laurent Laville (Lead Developer)