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Slack Newsletter

CI Version

This application allows you to generate a newsletter from your Slack channels. It goes through the channels looking for links, combines them into a html file, and sends it by email. It's ideal for keeping track of your finds when the historical Slack reaches its limit.

Installation & Configuration

  1. Clone the project and launch composer install inside.

  2. Generate a Token on your slack workspace

  3. In your .env.local, complete your smtp configuration, the receivers, and your Slack token like that :

  1. Choose your channels to browse and add them in config/channels.json. You can check out the config/channels.json.dist to see how add a new channels

  2. (OPTIONNAL) : Pimp your newsletter by altering parameters in config/package/parameters.yaml

  3. Configure your cron to execute command to browse, build, and send newsletter.

For example :

## Every day at 8am, browse channels and store them
0 8 * * * php bin/console app:newsletter:browse
## Every monday at 8:05 am, build the newsletter and send it
5 8 * * 1 php bin/console app:newsletter:build && php bin/console app:newsletter:send

Build With

Thank to theirs awesome work.

Customize the newsletter

If you want to customize the newsletter, all templates are in templates folder.

Before testing rendering, you have to retrieve some messages :

php bin/console app:newsletter:browse -d 5

The -d or --days is to specified how many days to retrieve. You can have lots of data by this way.

To test the view in web-browser, launch a web server :

symfony local:server:start -d # With Symfony CLI binary
php -S localhost:8000 -t public # Using php built-in web-server

and go to

But you probably have to send emails to test compatibility with emails viewer.

You can launch theses commands to avoid archivation of messages and builded news.

php bin/console app:newsletter:build --no-archive
php bin/console app:newsletter:send --no-archive


First of all, thank you for contributing ♥

If you find any typo/misconfiguration/... please send a PR or open an issue.

Also, while creating your PR, please write a description which gives the context and/or explains why you are creating it.


  • Make installation as simple as a composer create-project barth/slacknewsletter
  • Browse private channel
  • Make sure it'll work with Slack App and provide a configuration guide
  • Write Tests Suite
  • Add translations
  • Easily extend with other Team Collaboration Software (Discord, HipChat...)