A lightweight PHP implementation of Slack's API.

1.0.3 2016-04-10 18:57 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-01-16 17:52:39 UTC


A lightweight PHP implementation of Slack's API.


  • Frlnc\Slack\Contracts

    A small set of contracts to allow for the consumption of the Slack API. Interactor, Response and ResponseFactory.

    • Interactor is in charge of providing the Http GET/POST methods.
    • Response is in charge of providing a simple Http response wrapper for holding the body, headers and status code.
    • ResponseFactory is in charge of providing a factory to instantiate and build the Response.

To use this package, it's simple. Though please note that this implementation is very lightweight meaning you'll need to do some more work than usual. This package doesn't provide methods such as Chat::postMessage(string message), it literally provides one method (Commander::execute(string command, array parameters = [])).

Here is a very simple example of using this package:


use Frlnc\Slack\Http\SlackResponseFactory;
use Frlnc\Slack\Http\CurlInteractor;
use Frlnc\Slack\Core\Commander;

$interactor = new CurlInteractor;
$interactor->setResponseFactory(new SlackResponseFactory);

$commander = new Commander('xoxp-some-token-for-slack', $interactor);

$response = $commander->execute('chat.postMessage', [
    'channel' => '#general',
    'text'    => 'Hello, world!'

if ($response['ok'])
    // Command worked
    // Command didn't work

Note that Commander will automatically format most inputs to Slack's requirements but attachments are not supported - you will need to manually call $text = Commander::format($text) to convert it.