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General purpose SEO library for standalone usage (Symfony DI included)


  • Processing general SEO data
  • SEO links generation
  • Sitemap generation


composer require bankiru/seo-engine:~1.0



  • Destination — is a route identifier and set of concrete entities indexed by placeholder codes
  • Complete TargetSpace — is a set of all possible destinations for the given route identifier
  • Condition — a binary predicate, can return Destination weight on successful match
  • TargetSpaceDefinition — is a (sub)set of complete TargetSpace, defined by a set of Conditions


  • Source — is any countable and iterable source of entities, which could be filtered with Condition
  • Filler — (in general) function that infers missing values into Destination



For general standalone usage you have to implement (or use out-of-the-box static collection implementations) three services:

  • Destination - An item to match by SEO engine
  • TargetDefinitionRepositoryInterface - A source of TargetSpaces indexed by routes
  • PageRepositoryInterface - Matcher of SeoPageInterface by matched TargetSpace and initial Destination

Generic flow

// Instantiate TargetRepository
$targetRepository = new StaticTargetRepository();
// Fill it with $targetRepository->add($target);

// Instantiate PageRepository
$pageRepository = new StaticPageRepository();
// Fill page pairs with $pageRepository->add($target, $page);

// Instantiate target sorter
$sorter = new MatchScoreTargetSorter($targetRepository);
// Instantiate matcher

$matcher = new DestinationMatcher($sorter, $pageRepository);
// Create the destination to match
// The general approach is to hook into request processing and create it
// from incoming HTTP request

$destination = new Destination(
        'page_id' => 123,
        'language' => 'en',
        'category' => 'programming'

// Obtain matching SEO page for destination. Or handle a matching exception

try {
  $page = $matcher->match($destination);
} catch (MatchingException $e) {
  // you probably also wan't to set proper headers here
  echo "Not found";

// Do whatether you want to render $page as HTML response properly.

Symfony integration

This library has built-in integration into symfony request processing flow and DI, so the kernel takes the most of the work above for you

public function someAction(Request $request) {
    $destination = RequestDestinationFactory::createFromRequest($requset)
    $matcher = $container->get('bankiru.seo.matcher');
    try {
      $page = $matcher->match($destination);
    } catch (MatchingException $e) {
      throw $this->createNotFoundException();
    return ['page'=>$page];

If you define options: {seo: true} for your route, then you can obtain SEO page immediately with following signature

public function someAction(SeoPageInterface $_seo_page)
   return ['page'=>$page];

This will throw an exception for you automatically.



Configure route options like following

    resources: routes.yml
        seo: true

To enable listeners for this route


Local static matching

To bootstrap data configuration there is a local implementation of necessary interface, which allows to start using the library immediately pre-filling the repositories from init\config code.

Doctrine ORM matching

You can implement the necessary interfaces ontop of your entity repositories. Make sure the entities implement required interfaces (target, condition, etc)

Link generation

In order to use link generation ability, you have to define two

  • Fill source registry with SourceInterface entities indexed by alias
  • Create Link compiler which can forge a url using the route identifier from link and the destination items as Sluggables

As a part of Symfony integration where is the SymfonyRouterCompiler which uses the UrlGenerator to compile the link reference


You can override, decorate and replace the following extension points to tune your SEO processing experience


  • TargetRepositoryInterface - finds the all matching targets for given route
  • TargetSorter - chooses single target from all fetched above by matching with destination
  • PageRepositoryInterface - finds the SEO page for target and destination


  • DestinationNormalizer - converts your entity into string for slug generation. SluggableNormalizer normalizer is the primary option for objects, ScalarNormalizer is used for all the scalars
  • DestinationCompiler - forges your destination into the link (href, title and attributes). SymfonyRouterCompiler is the primary default option if symfony available
  • SourceInterface - source of the data to create destinations. No default option, CollectionSource is the built-in one
  • SourceFiller - extend missing entries in destination from source-generated values. Not required, thus no defaults