Installer used to create a Camp Distro project

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How to Install

Using composer the following will download the project in the current directory.

$ composer create-project badcamp/campdistro-installer:dev-master drupalcamp


This project was built with Docksal in mind. Quicker to get set up. Quicker to start working.

For instructions on how to install docksal navigate to their docs where you can get more information.


After you have docksal all installed you can run the following command and it will install everything you need in order to get the project working locally.

$ fin init 

Once this has been completed you should be able to access the site using http://camp.docksal

NOTE: Make sure you only run this command once otherwise it will wipe your local database everytime.

Status of Project

$ fin status

When everything is up you should see that all of your containers are up and running.

➜  camp git:(master) ✗ fin status
   Name                 Command             State             Ports           
camp_cli_1    /opt/ supervisord   Up      22/tcp, 9000/tcp          
camp_db_1     / mysqld         Up>3306/tcp   
camp_mail_1   MailHog                       Up      1025/tcp, 80/tcp, 8025/tcp
camp_web_1    httpd-foreground              Up      443/tcp, 80/tcp           

Starting a Project

To start a project

$ fin start

Stopping a Project

$ fin stop

Restarting a Project

$ fin restart

You should get something resembling the following.

➜  camp git:(master) ✗ fin restart
Stopping services...
Stopping camp_web_1  ... done
Stopping camp_cli_1  ... done
Stopping camp_db_1   ... done
Stopping camp_mail_1 ... done
Starting services...
Starting camp_db_1 ... 
Starting camp_mail_1 ... 
Starting camp_mail_1
Starting camp_db_1
Starting camp_cli_1 ... 
Starting camp_cli_1 ... done
Starting camp_web_1 ... 
Starting camp_web_1 ... done
Waiting for camp_cli_1 to become ready...
Waiting for camp_cli_1 to become ready...


Located within this are wrappers to interact with different services. There are a few of them listed for comment


$ fin composer [arguments]


$ fin behat [arguments] 


$ fin phpunit [arguments]

Drupal Console

For more information. Consult with the Documenation on here.

$ fin drupal [arguments]


For more information. Consult with the Documenation on here.

$ fin drush [arguments]

PHP Configuration

In the project are basic php.ini and php-cli.ini files. These can allow you to configure how PHP is set for your environments.

Settings used for FPM Service


Settings used for Command Line


After making the change make sure to run a fin restart cli so PHP can start using the new settings that you configured.


In docksal-local.env add the following:


After run fin restart cli so that the settings can take effect. For more information consult with Docksal Documentation