Quickly build an admin interfaces using Laravel 6, CoreUI, Boostrap 4 and jQuery.

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Quickly build an admin interface for your Eloquent models (using Laravel 6). Build your own CMS at 10 minutes/model. Customize every little detail, easily.


  • 50+ field types
  • 24+ column types
  • 1-1, 1-n and n-n relationships
  • Table view with search, pagination, click column to sort by it
  • Reordering (nested sortable)
  • Back-end validation using Requests
  • Translatable models (multi-language)
  • Easily extend fields/columns/filters/buttons (customising a field type or adding a new one is as easy as creating a new view with a particular name)
  • Easily overwrite functionality (customising how the create/update/delete/reorder process works is as easy as creating a new function with the proper name in your EntityCrudController)

Security updates and breaking changes

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List / table view for Backpack/CRUD

Getting started

If you have never used Backpack before, the best place to understand it and get started is


Installation guides:


Check out the about page in the documentation to get familiar with most Backpack features.


If you've already checked out the features link above, take a look at how you can create a CRUD for a model in this example. At the end of the page you'll also find a way you can do everything in 1-2 minutes, using the command line and backpack/generators.

In short:

  1. Make your model use the CrudTrait.

  2. Create a controller that extends CrudController, route and menu item.

  3. (optional) Define your validation rules in a Request files.


  • List operation pictured above.
  • Create/Update operations: Create or update view for Backpack/CRUD
  • Custom menu & sidebar colors: Custom sidebar and menu colours

More screenshots available at

Change log

Please see CHANGELOG for more information what has changed recently.


Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.


If you discover any security related issues, please email instead of using the issue tracker.

Please subscribe to the Backpack Newsletter so you can find out about any security updates, breaking changes or major features. We send an email every 1-2 months.


Special thanks go to:


Backpack is dual-license: free for non-commercial use, 69 EUR/project for commercial use. Please see License File and for more information.


When installing Backpack, require its minor version (currently 4.0.*). Minor versions include minor breaking changes. This allows us to push new features without charging our users again. For us, this is what major.minor.patch means:

  • major - PAID upgrade; MAJOR breaking changes; historically every 2-3 years; upgrading may take even 2-3 hours; includes major new features, major changes in how the whole system works, and complete rewrites; it allows us to considerably improve the product, and add features that were previously impossible;
  • minor - FREE upgrade; MINOR breaking changes; historically every 6-12 months; upgrading takes less than 30 minutes; it allows us to add big new features, for free;
  • patch - FREE upgrade; NO breaking changes; historically every week; upgrading can be done automatically with composer; includes bug fixes and non-breaking new features;

Hire us

We've spend more than 10.000 hours creating, polishing and maintaining administration panels on Laravel. We've developed e-Commerce, e-Learning, ERPs, social networks, payment gateways and much more. We've worked on admin panels so much, that we've created one of the most popular packages for Laravel - just from making public what was repetitive in our projects.

If you are looking for a developer/team to help you build an admin panel on Laravel, look no further. You'll have a difficult time finding someone with more experience & enthusiasm for admin panels. This is what we do. Contact us.