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Quickly generate Backpack templated Models, Requests, Views and Config files for projects using Backpack for Laravel as their admin panel.

Security updates and breaking changes

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Via Composer

composer require --dev backpack/generators

[HOT TIP] To change what files get generated, you can publish the stubs with php artisan vendor:publish --tag=backpack-generators-stubs. Any files you generate afterwards will start from your stubs, instead of the default ones.


Open the console and enter one of the commands:

  • Generate Backpack\CRUD interfaces for all Eloquent models that don't already have one:
php artisan backpack:build
  • Generate all files for one new Backpack\CRUD interface:
php artisan backpack:crud {Entity_name}

# Use singular, either PascalCase, snake_case or kebab-case.
# This will create a Model if there isn't one, or add
# our CrudTrait to the model if it already exists.
  • Generate all files for a custom admin panel page:
php artisan backpack:page {PageName}

# You can use either PascalCase, snake_case or kebab-case.
# This will generate you a Controller, a view and a route.
  • Generate a new Backpack\CRUD file:
php artisan backpack:crud-controller {Entity_name}
php artisan backpack:crud-model {Entity_name}
php artisan backpack:crud-request {Entity_name}
  • Generate a model (available options: --softdelete)
php artisan backpack:model {Entity_name}
  • Generate a request
php artisan backpack:request {Entity_name}
  • Generate a view (available options: --plain)
php artisan backpack:view {Entity_name}
  • Generate a config file
php artisan backpack:config {Entity_name}
  • Generate a button
php artisan backpack:button {button_name}
  • Generate a field
php artisan backpack:field {field_name}

// or generate a field starting from another field
php artisan backpack:field {field_name} --from={original_field_name}
  • Generate a column
php artisan backpack:column {column_name}

// or generate a column starting from another column
php artisan backpack:column {column_name} --from={original_column_name}
  • Generate a filter
php artisan backpack:filter {filter_name}

// or generate a filter starting from another filter
php artisan backpack:filter {filter_name} --from={original_filter_name}
  • Generate a widget
php artisan backpack:widget {widget_name}

// or generate a widget starting from another widget
php artisan backpack:widget {widget_name} --from={original_widget_name}
  • Generate a custom operation
php artisan backpack:crud-operation {OperationName}
  • Generate a custom form operation
php artisan backpack:crud-form-operation {OperationName}

Change log

Please see CHANGELOG for more information what has changed recently.


Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.



Backpack is free for non-commercial use and 69 EUR/project for commercial use. Please see License File and for more information.

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