Speed up TYPO3 rendering via HTTP/2 Server Push

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This TYPO3 extension fetches all CSS and JS resources that are used for a page-rendering and sends additional HTTP/2 Headers "Link" for each resource resulting in a faster first contentful paint for TYPO3 CMS.

This extension currently runs on TYPO3 v10, TYPO3 v11 and TYPO3 v12, and needs PHP 7.4 or higher.


Just use composer req b13/http2 and install the extension via the Extension Manager, flush caches and you're ready to go.

In order to see if the extension works, ensure that your webserver supports HTTP/2, runs via HTTPS and check your Response headers to see if "link: " headers are added to your HTTP response.

Nothing to configure, it just works(tm).


You need a webserver with HTTP/2 support, and - of course - HTTPS.

Also, use PHP7 - if you care about performance or supported PHP versions, there is nothing to discuss.

How it works under the hood

  1. Hook into the "PageRenderer" API class by fetching the concatenated CSS / JS files, and libraries.
  2. If in FE, this is stored within TSFE together with cached data (could be run twice here for non-cached info)
  3. Send to the client via header() - in BE directly or in FE at the end of the request via a PSR-15 middleware (TYPO3 v10+ only).


  • Implement options to also allow to define other resources (fonts/images), e.g. via TypoScript.
  • Use proper DTOs instead of arrays.



As this is a PHP project, extending TYPO3, all code is licensed as GPL v2+.

Sharing our expertise

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