Sync Database Tables and Files between two TYPO3 Installations

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1.1.0 2022-04-19 10:58 UTC


This extension syncs raw database tables and selected files of directories between two TYPO3 installations.

This can be used to sync between a "content master" system, where editors work, and a "production" system which does not have a TYPO3 backend available. Both systems are connected via SSH.

This extension is - by design - very simplistic, and for other use-cases we recommend using Workspaces for publishing processes or in2publish as a more sophisticated solution.


  • MySQL is used as RDBMS and the mysqldump and mysql binaries must be available in the $PATH for PHP
  • A SSH Connection to Remote Node by Key Authentication (can be configured via .ssh/config)
  • helhum/typo3_console on target and source node must be available

Extension Configuration

  • Configure Database Tables and Files to sync
  • Configure your Source- and Target Node (TYPO3 Instances)

Backend Access

In order to see and kickstart a content sync, a new toolbar item on top is shown. Access is granted to Admin Users and to non-administrators with UserTSconfig:

options.enableContentSync = 1

Available TYPO3 CLI Commands


creates a new Job from Extension-Configuration


runs one waiting job.


checks for any outdated jobs that are still running or waiting due to an error and removes them from the queue.

Ensure to have your scheduler set up.

Code Analysis

  • run ./Build/Scripts/runTests.sh -p 8.1 -s composerUpdate
  • run ./Build/Scripts/runTests.sh -p 8.1 -t 12 -s phpstan
  • run ./Build/Scripts/runTests.sh -p 8.1 -t 12 -s cgl


As TYPO3 Core, content_sync is licensed under GPL2 or later.