AwesIO application installer.

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Server Requirements

  • PHP >= 7.1.3
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • XML PHP Extension
  • Ctype PHP Extension
  • JSON PHP Extension
  • BCMath PHP Extension

Installing AwesIO

Awes.IO utilizes Composer to manage its dependencies. So, before using Awes.IO, make sure you have Composer installed on your machine.

First, download the Awes.IO installer using Composer:

composer global require awes-io/installer

Make sure to place composer's system-wide vendor bin directory in your $PATH so the awes-io executable can be located by your system. This directory exists in different locations based on your operating system; however, some common locations include:

  • macOS: $HOME/.composer/vendor/bin, command: export PATH=~/.composer/vendor/bin:$PATH
  • GNU / Linux Distributions: $HOME/.config/composer/vendor/bin
  • Windows: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Composer\vendor\bin

Once installed, the awes-io new command will create a fresh Awes.IO installation in the directory you specify. For instance, awes-io new crm will create a directory named crm containing a fresh Awes.IO installation with all of Awes.IO's dependencies already installed:

awes-io new crm

To create demo project use awes-io demo command

awes-io demo crm