Attract high-quality traffic to your site using Blaze.

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Attract high-quality traffic to your site using Blaze. Using this service, you can advertise a post or page on some of the millions of pages across and Tumblr.

How to install blaze

Package is published in Packagist.

Use composer to add the package to your project:

composer add automattic/jetpack-blaze

Initializing the feature

Direct invocation

You can directly invoke the feature with a method call:

use Automattic\Jetpack\Blaze;



jetpack build -p packages/blaze


jetpack build packages/blaze

Development Watching Mode 👀

jetpack watch packages/blaze

Using this package in your WordPress plugin

If you plan on using this package in your WordPress plugin, we would recommend that you use Jetpack Autoloader as your autoloader. This will allow for maximum interoperability with other plugins that use this package as well.


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blaze is licensed under GNU General Public License v2 (or later)