A simple helper class to access non-public elements of a class when testing.

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Wikimedia Testing Access Wrapper

Testing Access Wrapper is a simple helper for writing unit tests which provides convenient shortcuts for using reflection to access non-public properties/methods.

The code was originally part of MediaWiki. See composer.json for a list of authors.


use Wikimedia\TestingAccessWrapper;

class NonPublic {
	protected $prop;
	protected const CONSTANT = 4;
	protected function func() {}
	protected static function staticFunc() {}

class NonPublicCtor {
	protected function __construct() {}

$object = new NonPublic();
// or:
// $object = TestingAccessWrapper::construct( NonPublicCtor::class );

$wrapper = TestingAccessWrapper::newFromObject( $object );
$classWrapper = TestingAccessWrapper::newFromClass( NonPublic::class );

$wrapper->prop = 'foo';

$value = TestingAccessWrapper::constant( NonPublic::class, 'CONSTANT' );

Running tests

composer install
composer test