ArminVieweg member since: Jun 04, 2015

ArminVieweg's packages

  • arminvieweg/dce

    Best flexform based content elements since 2012. With TCA mapping feature, simple backend view and much more features which makes it super easy to create own content element types.

  • arminvieweg/orm

    Doctrine2 ORM Support for TYPO3 CMS.

  • arminvieweg/pw_teaser

    Create powerful, dynamic page teasers with data from page properties and its content elements. Based on Extbase and Fluid Template Engine.

  • arminvieweg/slim-routing-manager

    Controller and annotation based routing for the Slim Framework

  • arminvieweg/t3ddy

    t3ddy provides comfortable tabs and accordion handling right in TYPO3 page module, using the techniques of gridelements.

  • instituteweb/composer-scripts

    Fixes slashe issues on Windows when executing composer scripts (like 'bin/example').

  • instituteweb/deployer-scripts

    PHP deployer scripts ( to build local and deploy remote iw_master TYPO3 distribution.

  • instituteweb/environmental

    Provides environment functionality for iw_master and TYPO3.

  • instituteweb/iw_base

    Provides user functions and classes for instituteweb/iw_master.

  • instituteweb/iw_master

    iw_master is distribution for TYPO3 CMS for enterprise requirements. Easy deployable. Highly scalable.

  • instituteweb/iwm

    Provides user functions and classes for instituteweb/iw_master.

  • instituteweb/mana

    Extension based on TYPO3 to manage continuous integration for web projects.

  • instituteweb/mana-project

    Continuous Integration Management - based on TYPO3 CMS

  • instituteweb/pw_comments

    Powerful extension for providing comments, including replies on comments and voting.

  • instituteweb/tca

    TCA abstraction