Extension contains scheduler-task to update refindex of TYPO3

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9.1.2 2022-09-29 10:10 UTC


This is a TYPO3-Extension to update the TYPO3-refindex for specified tables via a scheduler-task.

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Download / Installation

You can download and install this extension from the TER (TYPO3 Extension Repository) or use composer.

composer require aoe/update-refindex

Copyright / License

Copyright: (c) 2016 - 2022, AOE GmbH License: GPLv3,


1. Fork the repository on Github
2. Create a named feature / bugfix branch (like `feature_add_something_new` or `bugfix\thing_which_does_not_work`)
3. Write your change
4. Write tests for your change (if applicable)
5. Run the tests, ensuring they all pass
6. Submit a Pull Request using Github

How to use this extension

  1. What does this extension provides?

    Normally, you can update the TYPO3-refindex for ALL tables with this shell-command: [path-to-your-php-installation] [path-to-typo3-installation]/htdocs/Packages/Libraries/bin/./typo3 referenceindex:update e.g.: /usr/bin/php /srv/www/typo3/htdocs/Packages/Libraries/bin/./typo3 referenceindex:update

    But maybe, you only want to update the TYPO3-refindex for SPECIFIED tables (because you don't have the need to update the index for ALL tables) or you want to update the tables via scheduler-task. If any of these reasons is your intention, then this extension is right for you!

  2. How to configure this extension?

    • create BE-user named '_cli_scheduler' (the BE-user doesn't have any access rights)
    • Go to the BE-module 'Scheduler'
    • Add a new scheduler-task:
      • Choose the Class 'Update Refindex of TYPO3 [update_refindex]'
      • Select the tables, you want to update
      • select other scheduler-task-staff (e.g. Start- and Stop-time, type and frequency)
    • call the scheduler recurring via a cronjob The cronjob must execute this shell-command: [path-to-your-php-installation] [path-to-typo3-installation]/htdocs/Packages/Libraries/bin/./typo3 scheduler:run task-id e.g.: /usr/bin/php /srv/www/typo3/htdocs/Packages/Libraries/bin/./typo3 scheduler:run 5