A starter application built on the Slim framework designed for PHP 7+

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Last update: 2022-04-22 03:53:38 UTC


This is a sample application built with the Slim PHP Framework 3, targeting PHP 7+. This application will NOT run on PHP 5.x or lower.


You can create a new project based on this application by entering the following command, changing your-project-name to the name of the directory that you want to be created and the application installed to:

composer create-project --stability=dev --no-interaction antnee/slim-skeleton-php7 your-app-name


A Docker image is hosted on Gitlab for this project. You can get it and run it by entering the following commands:

# docker pull
# docker run -d --name myslimphp7sampleapp

You will now have a running container called myslimphp7sampleapp running PHP 7.2 which you can start and stop using that name.

Other PHP version images

If you want to run an older version of PHP 7.x I have uploaded a couple of other images to the registry which are also available for use:

PHP 7.2

# docker pull
# docker run -d --name myslimphp7sampleapp

PHP 7.1

# docker pull
# docker run -d --name myslimphp7sampleapp

PHP 7.0

# docker pull
# docker run -d --name myslimphp7sampleapp


This app is configured to use Environment Variables to change parameters. These have been set up in the Dockerfile and can be overridden if you wish. The default settings are appropriate for development only. You should change these if you plan to use your app in a production environment.


Once you have the container up and running, more information can be found on the homepage when you open it in your browser. Happy developing!