The Anax framework, all included.

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The base for a complete installation of Anax with all the basic features. Use this to get going with your Anax project.

Table of Content


You need:

  • PHP 7.2 or later
  • composer
  • git

You might want to have:

  • A webserver with PHP enabled.
  • make
  • node and npm to work with the theme/.
  • Docker and docker-compose to run in containers.


There are different ways on how to get going and install a fresh installation of the framework. They all include the following tasks:

  1. Get a copy of this repo.
  2. Do composer install to get all dependencies.
  3. Execute all|some scaffolding scripts .anax/*.d/*.bash.


This is the prefered way since it only requires the use of composer.

Composer automatically installs in the directory site/ with the dependencies and processes all the scaffolding scripts.

composer create-project anax/anax site --stability beta

You might want to use the switch --ignore-platform-reqs if your cli environment is different from your apache environment.

Git clone

This might be useful during development.

Clone this repo into a folder site/ and perform composer install and finish up by executing all of the scaffolding scripts.

git clone site
cd site
composer install
composer run-script post-create-project-cmd

Scaffolding from Anax components

If you want a more customized installation you could decide on what postprocessing scripts you want to execute post the installation.

First, install the source and install the components using composer install.

composer create-project anax/anax site --stability beta --no-scripts
# or
git clone site
cd site
composer install

Then you can manually execute the scaffold script.

bash .anax/anax.bash version
bash .anax/anax.bash help
ls -d .anax/*.d
# See the available commands
bash .anax/anax.bash scaffold theme cimage

These are the basic parts of scaffolding.

Part Path Details
scaffold .anax/scaffold.d Copy essentials from modules in vendor/anax/ to setup a complete installation of Anax.
theme .anax/theme.d Install a basic theme in theme/ and build it.
cimage .anax/cimage.d Install and setup to use mosbth/cimage as part of the website.

You should remove the .anax directory once you have scaffolded your site. Executing scaffolding repeated times is not guaranteed to work and may corrupt your installation.

Verify installation

These are steps you can carry out to verify your installation.

Open your site in a web browser

Point your web browser to the directory site/htdocs.

Open your site, through docker, in a web browser

Start the docker container.

docker-compose up website

Point your web browser to http://localhost:8088/.

Install development environment and run tests

The repo comes with a development environment which can be installed and the tests can be executed.

make install test

Run make to see what more can be done.

Post installation

Here are more tasks to carry out to enhance your installation.

Suggested add-ons

Check what other packages that might be suggested. These are not essential, just suggestions. You can leave them as is for now.

composer suggests --no-dev --by-package

CLI-utility anax

When working with an anax installation you might want to opt to use the anax-cli (anax/anax-cli) to aid in scaffolding ordinary components.

You can install anax cli like this.

composer require anax/anax-cli

You can then execute it like this.

vendor/bin/anax.bash --help


This software carries a MIT license. See LICENSE.txt for details.

..:  Copyright (c) 2013 - 2020 Mikael Roos,