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v1.2.1 2019-03-19 09:16 UTC

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A CLI client to work with Anax web sites, built in bash.


This is how you download and install the skript. You can review the contents of the install script in src/install.bash.

bash -c "$(curl"

Or like this.

curl | bash

Install using composer.

composer require anax/anax-cli


Check that the script works by checking its version.

$ anax version
v1.1.11 (2018-10-31) 

Check whats can be done using the script.

$ anax help                                                                
Utility to work with Anax web sites. Read more on:                                                                
Usage: anax [options] <command> [arguments]                                
 check                    Check and display details on local environment.  
 config                   Create base for configuration in $HOME/.anax/.   
 create <dir> <template>  Create a new site in dir using a template.       
 help                     Show info on how to use it.                      
 list                     List available templates for scaffolding from.   
 list <template>          List details on specific scaffolding template.   
 selfupdate               Update to latest version.                        
 version                  Show info on how to use it.                      
 --help, -h          Show info on how to use it.                           
 --version, -v       Show info on how to use it.                           
 --force, -f         Force operation even though it should not.            


List the available templates that can be scaffolded.

anax list

List details on a template, for example anax-flat-site.

anax list anax-flat-site

Scaffold a website using the selected template and save it all to the directory dir.

anax create dir anax-flat-site

The site is scaffolded and you can open your webbrowser to the site by opening dir/htdocs.

Processing scripts

During scaffolding a couple of scripts are executed, these are in general included with each module using to carry out the scaffolding.

The base dir for these scripts are .anax.

Templates for scaffolding

The templates used for scaffolding resides in anax/scaffold.

The specific template used resides in that repo under scaffold/template-name. You can for example review the template used for anax-flat-site.


This software carries a MIT license.

..:  Copyright (c) 2013 - 2018 Mikael Roos,