Multichain JSON-RPC Client



Multichain JsonRPC Client class allows to interact with a JSON RPC blockchain APIs by sending the commands and getting back response arrays of data.

This implementation also allows to work with MultiChain ( blockchain platform by providing chain name during the initialization of the instance.

As none of the blockchain APIs are directly defined in the Client, but instead a proxy via magic method is used, it should be possible to use this client with more or less any blockchain JSON-RPC service.

Developed by AlleoChain Ltd (

Usage Example

# Create new instance
$instance = new AlleoChain\Multichain\JsonRPC\Client([
    'url'  => '',
    'user'  => 'rpcuser',
    'pass'  => 'rpcpass',
    'chain' => 'test'

# Get blockchain info

# For MultiChain streams