This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

This bundle checks against a list of reserved names, & some variants

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v2.1.0 2019-10-25 13:45 UTC


A bundled service to clean, and check, a given username against an (extensible) list of reserved words/usernames.

Note: This DOES NOT validate usernames. That should happen (and potentially disallow names) before getting to this stage.

Installation and use

  1. Add to app/AppKernel.php

    $bundles = array(
        new Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle\FrameworkBundle(),
        // ... many others
        new Alister\ReservedNamesBundle\AlisterReservedNamesBundle(),
  2. Add to app/config/config.yml

            # These keys will be lower-cased
            - myname
            - myothername
            - alister
            - private
  3. Use

    $username = 'myname_123';
    $reserved = $this->container->get('alister_reserved_names.check');
    if ($reserved->isReserved($username)) {
        echo "{$username} is reserved";
  4. Services provided:

  • alister_reserved_names.check
    • Check username does not match a reserved name, before or after calling @cleanusername
    • @see Alister\ReservedNamesBundle\Services\ReservedNames
    • The code also strips off trailing 's', and then additional noise characters (digits, -, _) for a final test against the reserved names
  • alister_reserved_names.cleanusername
    • remove 'noise characters' around the given username
    • EG: myname_123 becomes myname
    • @see Alister\ReservedNamesBundle\Services\CleanUserNames

Included tests

Testing is done with the classes directly, and also via a container, to test the service initialisation. This also allows a check for the 'local reservations' - extra names that can be defined in the local application. The container-based test includes a micro-application to build the container, and so run the full test. How to create a test setup for a local test of the service.


Make a validator (from existing code) and put into this bundle, with tests and examples See:


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