Aliyun Dkms Gcs SDK Library for PHP

v0.4.0 2023-12-20 01:09 UTC

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Last update: 2024-06-26 12:27:15 UTC


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AlibabaCloud DKMS-GCS SDK for PHP


  • PHP 5.6 or later


As a dependency via Composer(recommended)

Run the following in the base directory of your project to install AlibabaCloud DKMS SDK for PHP as a dependency:

composer require alibabacloud/dkms-gcs-sdk

Or, You can also declare the dependency on AlibabaCloud DKMS SDK for PHP in the composer.json file:

"require": {
     "alibabacloud/dkms-gcs-sdk": "^0.4.0"

Then run the following to install the dependency:

composer install

After the Composer Dependency Manager is installed, import the dependency in your PHP code:

require_once __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

Download SDK source code directly

Download the SDK source code, and introduce the autoload.php file under the SDK directory to your code:

require_once '/path/to/dkms-gcs-sdk/autoload.php';

Quick Examples


require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

use AlibabaCloud\Dkms\Gcs\OpenApi\Util\Models\RuntimeOptions;
use AlibabaCloud\Dkms\Gcs\Sdk\Client as AlibabaCloudDkmsGcsSdkClient;
use AlibabaCloud\Dkms\Gcs\OpenApi\Models\Config as AlibabaCloudDkmsGcsOpenApiConfig;
use AlibabaCloud\Dkms\Gcs\Sdk\Models\AdvanceEncryptRequest;
use AlibabaCloud\Tea\Utils\Utils as AlibabaCloudTeaUtils;

// 1.Create DKMS SDK client config
$config = new AlibabaCloudDkmsGcsOpenApiConfig();
$config->protocol = 'https';
$config->clientKeyContent = '<your client key content>';
$config->password = '<your client key password>';
$config->endpoint = '<your dkms instance service address>';

// 2.Create DKMS SDK client instance
$client = new AlibabaCloudDkmsGcsSdkClient($config);

// 3.Create and set up parameters RuntimeOptions instance
$runtimeOptions = new RuntimeOptions();
// set CA certificate
//$runtimeOptions->verify = 'path/to/caCert.pem';
// or, ignore certificate
$runtimeOptions->ignoreSSL = true;

// 4.Create an API request and set parameters
$encryptRequest = new AdvanceEncryptRequest();
$encryptRequest->keyId = '<your cmk id>';
$encryptRequest->plaintext = AlibabaCloudTeaUtils::toBytes('encrypt plaintext');

// 5.Initiate the request and handle the response or exceptions
try {
    $encryptResponse = $client->advanceEncryptWithOptions($encryptRequest, $runtimeOptions);
} catch (Exception $error) {
    if ($error instanceof \AlibabaCloud\Tea\Exception\TeaError) {



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