On-the-fly encrypt and decrypt flysystem files


Performing on-the-fly client-side encryption for safe storage of files.

On uploads, the content is encrypted using Poly 1305 with a secret key and stored securely on the filesystem.

On downloads, the content is decrypted.

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composer require alextartan/flysystem-libsodium-adapter


use AlexTartan\Flysystem\Adapter\ChunkEncryption\Libsodium;use AlexTartan\Flysystem\Adapter\EncryptionAdapterDecorator;
use League\Flysystem\Filesystem;
use League\Flysystem\Memory\MemoryAdapter;

$adapter = new MemoryAdapter();
$encryption = Libsodium::factory($encryptionKey, 4096);

$adapterDecorator = new EncryptionAdapterDecorator(

$filesystem = new Filesystem($adapterDecorator);


Due to how AwsS3 (and probably other remote adapters) handle stream uploads, I had to change the way this lib worked (versions up to v.1.0.0)

New releases employ a php://temp stream in which the encryption is done and once that finishes, the stream is sent to writeStream/readStream

Performance wise, it handles ok from what i could see.


This library adheres to semver