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Alchemy - Rest bundle

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  • Provides automatic date parameter parsing using a predefined format and timezone
  • Provides automatic sort and pagination parameter parsing
  • Provides standardized error responses in AJAX/JSON contexts


Enable the bundle by adding it to the app kernel.

By default, all listeners are enabled. You can add the following section to your config.yml to alter the behavior of the listeners:

Note The following configuration matches the default settings

        enabled: true
        format: Y-m-d H:i:s
        timezone: UTC
        enabled: true
        content-types: [ "application/json" ]
        # Set this to null to use default transformer, or use the key of a service implementing
        # Alchemy\Rest\Response\ExceptionTransformer
        transformer: null
        enabled: true
        sort_parameter: sort
        direction_parameter: dir
        mutli_sort_parameter: sorts
        enabled: true
        limit_parameter: limit
        offset_parameter: offset


Automatic date parsing

To activate date conversions on request parameters, you must explicitly define which parameters will be parsed as dates on a per-route basis in your routing files.


Assuming that your requests will contain a from and a to parameter:

    pattern: /api/route
        _dates: [ to, from ]

You can now type-hint your controller method as follows:

class MyController 
    public function index(\DateTimeInterface $from, \DateTimeInterface $to) 
        // Do something with those dates...    

Automatic sort and pagination

To activate automatic sorting and pagination parameter parsing, you must explicitly activate them on a per-route basis in your routing files.

Simple example

    pattern: /api/route
        _paginate: true
        _sort: true

You can now type-hint your controller method as follows:

class MyController 
    public function index(PaginationOptions $pagination, SortOptions $sort) 
        // Do something...    

Transforming controller results into JSON responses:

This listener is always activated. To use it, you must first write a Transformer (see the League/Fractal documentation for information on transformers), and define it as a tagged service in your dependency injection configuration:

        class: My\Transformer
            - { name: alchemy_rest.transformer, alias: my_transformer }

Then in your routing file, you need to specify the transformer for a given route:

    pattern: /api/route
            decode_request: true # Enabled by default, decodes JSON request bodies into 
            encode_response: true
            transform: my_transformer
            list: false

You can use the list parameter in your route defaults to specifiy whether the controller result should be handled as a list or as a simple object. If your controller returns an instance of PagerFanta (you must include the library in your project as it is an optional dependency), the response will automatically include a meta property containing a pagination property with the pagination metadata.