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This is auto-posting from a VK group to a telegram channel.


You need:

  • apache2;
  • php 8.1;
  • MySQL.

To install, use the command: git clone Download the necessary libraries using the command: composer install.

Or use command composer create-project aidsoul/vktote.

Connection example

All files for working with groups are located in the "groups" folder.

In the "groups" folder, folder with the files listed below are added. All these files are needed for work. Come up with a name for the folder yourself.

The following example is a true profile group creation:


If necessary, you can change the folder and the name of the files in the configuration file "config.php".

Configuration file "config.ini " should look like this:

token  ="Your token"
idGroup="Group id or name"
count="Number of posts to capture"
botApiKey="Bot API Key"
botName="Bot name"
chatId="Chat Id for send post"

If there is a need to use a different database for each profile of the group you need to change the constant "DB_COMMON" in config.php by setting the value to "true". You should also add: DB_HOST, DB_NAME, DB_USER, DB_PASS.

Сontrol panel

For the convenience of creating group profiles, use the control panel.

Use "localhost" to log in to the control panel. Click on the log in button. The first time you login, a password will be created. You need to remember the password, it will be used to access the control panel. Go to settings "localhost/settings" and create a new group profile by clicking on the "Create a settings profile" button.


The project uses a mysql database. Import the database file: db.sql.

Task Scheduler

Use crontab on your server or another task scheduler to get fresh posts without stopping.

Usage example

Open and add a task to the task list: crontab-e.

Get fresh entries every minute: * * * * * php groups/start.php group_folder.

Below is an example of running a task for the "test" group profile. Test is specified as an argument.

*/5 * * * * php groups/start.php test