PHP application template (silex + redbean + twig + bootstrap)

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dev-master 2013-03-02 12:19 UTC


phootstrap is a php application template.


This template provides a project skeleton to write small php applications and prototypes. It uses the following awesome libraries:

  • composer -- The fabolous package installer
  • silex -- A small, fast and extensible web framework
  • redbeanphp -- Dead simple orm
  • twig -- Easy to use template engine

Get started

If you haven't installed composer, do it now (visit composer website for more instructions):

curl -sS | php

You can install phootstrap using composer:

composer.phar create-project agvstin/phootstrap --stability=dev

or directly from GitHub:

# clone this repo
git clone git:// myapp
cd myapp

# start your own repo
rm -rf .git
git init .
git add .
git commit -m "Initial import from phootstrap"

# install vendors
composer.phar install

Copy the config file

# copy parameters file (and edit as you need...)
cp config/parameters.example.ini config/parameters.ini

If you have php 5.4.0 or greater, you can start a web server by running:

# use a free port
./bin/server 7890

Otherwise, setup a virtual host and point the DocumentRoot to the web directory.

Open your browser and head to http://localhost:7890 (or the configured vitual host).

That's it! You can start developing your app!