This bundle provides integration with Typesense in Symfony

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v0.6.6 2021-11-05 09:03 UTC


This bundle provides integration with Typesense with Symfony.

It relies on the official TypeSense PHP package

Features include:

  • Doctrine object transformer to Typesense indexable data
  • Usefull services to search in collections
  • Listeners for Doctrine events for automatic indexing


Install the bundle using composer

composer require acseo/typesense-bundle

Enable the bundle in you Symfony project

// config/bundles.php

return [
    ACSEO\TypesenseBundle\ACSEOTypesenseBundle::class => ['all' => true],


Configure the Bundle

# .env
# config/packages/acseo_typesense.yml
    # Typesense host settings
        url: '%env(resolve:TYPESENSE_URL)%'
        key: '%env(resolve:TYPESENSE_KEY)%'
    # Collection settings
        books:                                     # Typesense collection name
            entity: 'App\Entity\Book'              # Doctrine Entity class
                # Keeping Database and Typesense synchronized with ids
                id:                                # Entity attribute name
                    name: id                       # Typesense attribute name
                    type: primary                  # Attribute type
                # Using again id as a sortable field (int32 required)
                    entity_attribute: id             # Entity attribute name forced
                    name: sortable_id                # Typesense field name
                    type: int32
                    name: title
                    type: string
                     name: author
                     type: object                    # Object conversion with __toString()
                    name: author_country           
                    type: string
                    facet: true                      # Declare field as facet (required to use "group_by" query option)
                    entity_attribute: # Equivalent of $book->getAuthor()->getCountry()
                    name: genres
                    type: collection                 # Convert ArrayCollection to array of strings
                    name: publishedAt
                    type: datetime
                    optional: true                   # Declare field as optional
            default_sorting_field: sortable_id       # Default sorting field. Must be int32 or float

You can use basic types supported by Typesense for your fields : string, int32, float, etc. You can also use specific type names, such as : primary, collection, object

Data conversion from Doctrine entity to Typesense data is managed by ACSEO\TypesenseBundle\Transformer\DoctrineToTypesenseTransformer


Create index and populate data

This bundle comes with useful commands in order to create and index your data

# Creation collections structure
php bin/console typesense:create

# Import collections with Doctrine entities
php bin/console typesense:import

Search documents

This bundle creates dynamic generic finders services that allows you to query Typesense

The finder services are named like this : typesense.finder.collection_name

You can inject the generic finder in your Controller or into other services.

You can also create specific finder for a collection. See documentation below.

# config/services.yaml
            $bookFinder: '@typesense.finder.books'    

// src/Controller/BookController.php

use Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle\Controller\AbstractController;
use ACSEO\TypesenseBundle\Finder\TypesenseQuery;

class BookController extends AbstractController
    private $bookFinder;

    public function __construct($bookFinder)
        $this->bookFinder = $bookFinder;

    public function search()
        $query = new TypesenseQuery('Jules Vernes', 'author');

        // Get Doctrine Hydrated objects
        $results = $this->bookFinder->query($query)->getResults();
        // dump($results)
        // array:2 [▼
        //    0 => App\Entity\Book {#522 ▶}
        //    1 => App\Entity\Book {#525 ▶}
        // Get raw results from Typesence
        $rawResults = $this->bookFinder->rawQuery($query)->getResults();
        // dump($rawResults)
        // array:2 [▼
        //    0 => array:3 [▼
        //        "document" => array:4 [▼
        //        "author" => "Jules Vernes"
        //        "id" => "100"
        //        "published_at" => 1443744000
        //        "title" => "Voyage au centre de la Terre "
        //       ]
        //       "highlights" => array:1 [▶]
        //       "seq_id" => 4
        //    ]
        //    1 => array:3 [▼
        //        "document" => array:4 [▶]
        //        "highlights" => array:1 [▶]
        //        "seq_id" => 6
        //    ]
        // ]

Querying Typesense

The class TypesenseQuery() class takes 2 arguments :

  • The search terme (q)
  • The fields to search on (queryBy)

You can create more complex queries using all the possible Typsense search arguments


use ACSEO\TypesenseBundle\Finder\TypesenseQuery;

$simpleQuery = new TypesenseQuery('search term', 'collection field to search in');

$complexQuery = new TypesenseQuery('search term', 'collection field to search in')
                      ->filterBy('theme: [adventure, thriller]')
                      ->addParameter('key', 'value')

Create specific finder for a collection

You can easily create specific finders for each collection that you declare.

# config/packages/acseo_typesense.yml
    # ...
    # Collection settings
        books:                                       # Typesense collection name
            # ...                                    # Colleciton fields definition
            # ...
            finders:                                 # Declare your specific finder
                books_autocomplete:                  # Finder name
                    finder_parameters:               # Parameters used by the finder
                        query_by: title              #
                        limit: 10                    # You can add as key / valuesspecifications
                        prefix: true                 # based on Typesense Request 
                        num_typos: 1                 #
                        drop_tokens_threshold: 1     #

This configuration will create a service named @typesense.finder.books.books_autocomplete.
You can inject the specific finder in your Controller or into other services

# config/services.yaml
            $autocompleteBookFinder: '@typesense.finder.books.books_autocomplete'

and then use it like this :

// src/Controller/BookController.php

class BookController extends AbstractController
    private $autocompleteBookFinder;

    public function __construct($autocompleteBookFinder)
        $this->autocompleteBookFinder = $autocompleteBookFinder;

    public function autocomplete($term = '')
        $results = $this->autocompleteBookFinder->search($term)->getResults();
        // or if you want raw results
        $rawResults = $this->autocompleteBookFinder->search($term)->getRawResults();

Use different kind of services

This bundles creates different services that you can use in your Controllers or anywhere you want.

  • typesense.client : the basic client inherited from the official typesense-php package
  • typesense.collection_client : this service allows you to do basic actions on collections, and allows to perform search and multisearch action.
  • typesense.finder.* : this generated service allows you to perform query or rawQuery on a specific collection. Example of a generated service : typesense.finder.candidates
  • typesense.specificfinder.*.* : this generated service allows you to run pre-configured requests (declared in : config/packages/acseo_typesense.yml). Example of a generated service : typesense.specificfinder.candidates.default

Note : there a other services. You can use the debug:container command in order to see all of them.

Doctrine Listeners

Doctrine listeners will update Typesense with Entity data during the following events :

  • postPersist
  • postUpdate
  • preDelete

Perform multisearch

You can create multisearch requests and get results using the collectionClient service.

// Peform multisearch

$searchRequests = [
    (new TypesenseQuery('Jules'))->addParameter('collection', 'author'),
    (new TypesenseQuery('Paris'))->addParameter('collection', 'library')  

$commonParams = new TypesenseQuery()->addParameter('query_by', 'name');

$response = $this->collectionClient->multisearch($searchRequests, $commonParams);


Testing the Bundle

tests are written in the tests directory.

  • Unit tests doesn't require a running Typesense server
  • Functional tests require a running Typesense server

You can launch the tests with the following commands :

# Unit test
$ php ./vendor/bin/phpunit tests/Unit

# Functional test
# First, start a Typesense server with Docker
$ composer run-script typesenseServer
$ php ./vendor/bin/phpunit tests/Functional