A framework for demoing enterprise-ready Drupal solutions.






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Demo Framework is a distribution consisting of modules, themes and libraries. It highlights powerful features created by the Drupal community. It is intended to be used as a starterkit for promoting enterprise-ready solutions.

Demo Framework is powered by Acquia CMS.

Installing Demo Framework

The preferred way to install Demo Framework is using our Composer-based project template. It's easy!

Once you have a docroot built, you can use DDev, Acquia Developer Studio or any other similar project to get started.

ddev config --project-name df --project-type drupal9 && ddev start

Now use the site-install command to install Drupal with the DF installation profile.

drush si df

You may now login to your site.

drush uli

Installation may take a few minutes depending on your environment. ☕️

Then login to your site.

drush uli

Deploying Demo Framework using version control

If you are using version control to deploy the Demo Framework to a server (such as Acquia Cloud), note that you must edit the file /profiles/df/.gitignore and remove the following lines:

# Contrib

# Libraries

If you do not do so, you will see an error in the installation referring to missing modules.


Please file issues in our drupal.org issue queue.