Acquia CMS starterkit cli command.

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1.1.10 2024-07-12 12:39 UTC


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The official command-line tool for downloading and building drupal site with acquia_cms modules for different use cases. Acquia CMS starterkit cli tool helps you to quickly setup the Drupal sites based on your needs. Currently, the cli tool will present you the following use cases:

  • You can add your own cases and define the modules/themes that needs to be installed & enabled.
  • You can edit/remove the default use cases provided by this cli tool.


Composer is the recommended way to download this tool. In order to download this tool, run the below composer command:

composer require acquia/acquia-cms-starterkit


Run the following command to to set up site:

./vendor/bin/acms acms:install
Note: Starter kit enable modules in bulk during installation which required minimum PHP memory limit to be 256M.

Check memory_limit using command php -i | grep "memory_limit",If php memory limit is less than 256 then locate php.ini file and update memory_limit to 256