Dissemination service generatix BibLaTeX bibliographic information data (.bib files) from ARCHE metadata

1.8.1 2024-02-26 15:17 UTC

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Last update: 2024-06-26 15:58:16 UTC



An ARCHE dissemination service providing mapping of resource's metadata to BibLaTeX bibliographic entries.


  • Run in the webserver docroot:
    composer require acdh-oeaw/arche-biblatex
    ln -s vendor/acdh-oeaw/arche-biblatex/index.php index.php
    cp vendor/acdh-oeaw/arche-biblatex/config-sample.yaml config.yaml
  • Adjust config.yaml



Optionally an override query parameter can be also supplied providing URL-encoded BibLaTeX bibliographic entry or its fragment. It works in the same way as an override coming from ARCHE resource metadata (details below), just is applied after it.

Override rules

  • The base BibLaTeX bibliographic entry is created according to the mapping provided in the config.yaml. The mapping is chosen based on the ARCHE resource RDF class.
  • Then overrides comming from the ARCHE resource metadata property specified by the config.yaml->biblatex->biblatexProperty configuration option are applied.
  • Finally overrides comming from the override request parameter are applied.


  • All bibliographic entry information including entry type and citation key are overrided. If you want to preserve the entry type and/or citation key:
    • either use the "magic" NOOVERRIDE type/citation key value, e.g.
        fieldToOverride = {overriding value},
    • or provide just BibLaTeX fields skipping the bibliographic entry header (and the final curly bracket), e.g.
      fieldToOverride = {overriding value},
  • If you want a field to be skipped from the output, override it with an empty value.


Compare the output for the sample resource (
(please note the same data which are provided in the override request parameter below can be also provided in the "custom citation" resource metadata property)

Docker deployment

The build/docker directory contains a Dockerfile defining a runtime environment for the service.

It takes one build argument VARIANT which can be either production or development and affects the PHP ini settings - see the Configuration section of the

It expects all the service files (including composer libraries and the desired config.yaml) to be provided in build/docroot during the build time.

For a live development you can just build it with an empty build/docroot directory and mount service files during docker run.


  • Creating a production image
    # install dependencies skipping development ones and optimizing autoloader
    composer update --no-dev -o
    # prepare the docroot using build/config/arche.yaml as the config.yaml
    mkdir build/docroot && cp -R index.php src vendor build/docroot/ && cp build/config/arche.yaml build/docroot/config.yaml
    # build the image
    docker build --rm -t acdhch/arche-biblatex --build-arg VARIANT=production build
    # try to run it locally
    docker run -d --name arche-biblatex -p 80:80 acdhch/arche-biblatex
    # check if it works locally
    curl -i ''
    # push the image to the registry
    docker push acdhch/arche-biblatex
    # redeploy on ACDH Kubernetes
    curl -X POST '{pathToDesiredWorkload}?action=redeploy' -H 'Authorization: Bearer {myRancherApiToken}'
  • Creating a development image and running it locally
    # install dependencies
    composer update
    # prepare an empty docroot
    mkdir build/docroot
    # build the image
    docker build --rm -t acdhch/arche-biblatex:dev --build-arg VARIANT=development build
    # run the image using current directory as a docroot making it available on local port 8080
    docker run -d --name arche-biblatex -p 8080:80 -v `pwd`:/var/www/html acdhch/arche-biblatex:dev
    # check if it works
    curl -i ''