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A simple file-based PSR-3 logging library.

  • provides basic severity level filtering
  • can be used as a singleton
    • also with multiple logs
  • able to serialize arrays and objects (first tries with __toString(), then applies json_encode())
  • supports placeholders (see PSR-3)
  • compatible with all PSR-3 releases from 1 on


composer require zozlak/logging


// simplest possible logging
$log = new \zozlak\logging\Log('log_file');

// logging to standard out/err
$log = new \zozlak\logging\Log('php://stdout');
$log = new \zozlak\logging\Log('php://stderr');

// message formatting and filtering
$log = new \zozlak\logging\Log('log_file', \Psr\Log\LogLevel::INFO, "{LEVEL}:{TIMESTAMP}:{FILE}:{LINE}:{MESSAGE}");
$log->debug('skipped message');

// singleton example
$log = new \zozlak\logging\Log('log_file');

// singleton with multiple logs
$logAll = new \zozlak\logging\Log('log_all');
$logErrors = new \zozlak\logging\Log('log_errors', \Psr\Log\LogLevel::ERROR);
\zozlak\logging\Logger::addLog($logAll, 'all');
\zozlak\logging\Logger::addLog($logErrors, 'error');

\zozlak\logging\Logger::info('message1', [], 'all');
\zozlak\logging\Logger::error('message2', [], 'error');
\zozlak\logging\Logger::error('message3'); // written to the 'error' log

\zozlak\logging\Logger::error('message4'); // written to the 'all' log