AdminLTE template applied to Laravel Scaffolding

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A Laravel package that switch default Laravel scaffolding / boilerplate to AdminLTE template with Bootstrap 3.0 and Pratt Landing Page

See demo here:

If you are looking for the Laravel 4 version, use 0.1.5 version/tag and see

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composer require "acacha/admin-lte-template-laravel"

Finally publish files with:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=adminlte --force


This packages use (no need to install):

brew install gnu-sed --with-default-names

This package assumes that you have in path your composer bin folder:


For example adding this line:

export PATH=${PATH}:~/.composer/vendor/bin

to your ~/.bashrc file

Note: in some systems the path coul be diferent for example:

export PATH=${PATH}:~/.config/composer/vendor/bin

Please be sure to check you environment.

Optional requirements

  • Laravel menu: only used with command adminlte:menu that replaces default adminlte menu with a menu with spatie/laravel-menu support.

Laravel 7 and older

  • This package works smoothly with Laravel 7.x with 7.x version
  • This package works smoothly with Laravel 6.x|5.x with 6.x version

Laravel Routes

This package installs Laravel routes that you will not find them at routes.php file. The routes installed by package would be find at file:

A file included by AdminLTETemplateServiceProvider:

You can override this routes by changing order of ServiceProviders in config/app.php file so if you put:




Your routes in routes.php file will override default adminlte-laravel routes.

Also you can install manually the routes in routes.php file. Adminlte-laravel use same routes as Laravel make:auth command use, see:

so you can add this lines to routes.php file:


Route::get('/home', 'HomeController@index');

And disable AdminLTETemplateServiceProvider in config/app.php file ( take into account that Adminte-laravel Facades and custom commands will not be available).

See issue #69 for more info

First steps, database creation, migrations and login

Once package installed you have to follow the usual steps of any laravel project to Login to the admin interface:

  • Create a database. I recommend the use of laravel Homestead ()
  • Create/check .env file and configure database access (database name, password, etc)
  • Run migrations with command $ php artisan migrate
  • Registera a first user and Login with it


AdminLTE is a Free Premium Admin control Panel Theme That Is Based On Bootstrap 3.x created by Abdullah Almsaeed. See:


Adminlte-laravel supports global recognized avatar ( using package creativeorange/gravatar (

Artisan Commands


This commands adds a view to resources/views folder using default adminlte layout:

php artisan make:view about


This commands adds a menu entry to file config/menu.php:

php artisan make:menu link menuname


php artisan make:menu /contact


This commands adds a route to routes file using:

php artisan make:route linkname

For example you can add a route routes/web.php file with URI /about using:

php artisan make:route about

This commands add this entry to routes/web.php

You can create 3 types of routes with option type:

  • regular: routes using a clousure with a simple return view command. This is the default one
  • controller: routes using a controller.
  • resource: routes using a resource controller.


php artisan make:route about --type=controller

this adds the following:

Route::get('about', 'AboutController@index');

to file routes/web.php. You can choose the controller name and method with:

php artisan make:route about MyController@method --type=controller

If you want to create a resource controller:

php artisan make:route about --type=resource

this adds the following:

Route::resource('about', 'About@index');

to file routes/web.php.

You can also create routes with other HTTP methods using option method:

php artisan make:route save --method=post

You can also add routes to api using option api:

php artisan make:route save --api

Then the routes will be added to routes/api.php.

Finally use option -a to add actions after route creation:

php artisan make:route about -a

Last command also create a view with name about.blade.php. Using:

php artisan make:route about -a --type=controller

Will create a Controller file with name AboutController and method index.

You can consult all options with:

php artisan make:route --help

adminlte:publish | adminlte-laravel:publish

This command is already executed during installation you can (re)execute manually with:

php artisan adminlte:publish

Publish all necessary files from package to Laravel project.

adminlte:sidebar | adminlte-laravel:sidebar

Only publish package sidebar to Laravel project allowing to customize sidebar:

php artisan adminlte:sidebar

Note: sidebar is already published when you use adminlte-laravel install command.

adminlte:menu | adminlte-laravel:menu

Replaces sidebar view with a sidebar using spatie/laravel-menu:

php artisan adminlte:menu

This command also installs spatie/laravel-menu package and creates a default menu located config/menu.php.

IMPORTANT: Spatie Laravel Menu required PHP7.0 or superior to work

adminlte-laravel:admin | adminlte:admin

Executes make:adminUserSeeder artisan command (see next section) an executes seed. This command adds a default admin user to database.

php artisan adminlte:admin
File /home/sergi/Code/AdminLTE/acacha/adminlte-laravel_test/database/seeds/AdminUserSeeder.php created
User Sergi Tur Badenas( with the environemnt password (env var ADMIN_PWD) created succesfully!

This command use (if exists) environment variables (.env file) ADMIN_USER, ADMIN_EMAIL and ADMIN_PWD. If this env variables does not exists then user git config (~/.gitconfig) to obtain data and if this info does not exists use Admin ( and password 123456 as default.


Create a new seed to add admin user to database. Use:

php artisan make:adminUserSeeder
File /home/sergi/Code/AdminLTE/acacha/adminlte-laravel_test/database/seeds/AdminUserSeeder.php created

Social Login/Register with acacha/laravel-social

It's a cinch to add (optional) Social Login/Register support to Laravel Adminlte using acacha/laravel-social package. Execute in your project root folder:

adminlte-laravel social

Follow the wizard to configure your social providers Oauth data and enjoy!

More info at

How to remove social Login?

Remove line


in files resources/views/auth/login.blade.php and register.blade.php


Documentation TODO

  • Gulp file provided to compile Boostrap and AdminLTE less files
  • Partial views (html header, content header, footer, etc.) to easily reuse code


More info


Testing this package

Use phpunit on run composer script test:

$ composer test

Testing laravel project once this package is installed

Once this package is installed in a Laravel project some tests are installed to test package features. There are two kind of tests Feature/Unit tests and Browser tests. To execute Feature/Unit tests execute:


In a new created laravel project with acacha-admintle.laravel installed to test that package is installed correctly. You can also execute Browser tests with Laravel Dusk (please install first manually Dusk package following

php artisan dusk:install
touch database/testing.database.sqlite
php artisan serve --env=dusk.local &
php artisan dusk

You can also test this package in a sandbox without need to install. Run script:



All strings are localized using Laravel localization support:

In your config/app.php file you can change locale to change language. You can install only localized files using tag adminlte_lang:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=adminlte_lang --force

The following languages are supported by default on this package: English, Catalan, Spanish, Dutch and Brazilian Portuguese. Please feel free to submit a new pull request with another languages if you wish.


GNU sed on MAC OS

NOTA: not needed in Laravel 5.5+

Acacha llum need GNU sed to work so replace BSD sed with GNU sed using:

brew install gnu-sed --with-default-names

Check you version of sed with:

man sed

sed GNU version path is:

$ which sed

Instead of default path of BSD sed (installed by default on MAC OS):


More info at #58

How to use username at login instead of email

Execute command:

php artisan adminlte:username

And then you can use username instead of email for login.

NOTE: when we are using login by username if login by usernames fails then system try to use the introduced username as an email for login. So users can also login using email.

To come back to email login remove field option from config/auth.php file:

'providers' => [
    'users' => [
        'driver' => 'eloquent',
        'model' => App\User::class,
        'field' => 'username' // Adminlte laravel. Valid values: 'email' or 'username'

NOTE: Migration required to add username field to users table requires:

composer require doctrine/dbal

Default domain for username registration

Optionally you can define a default domain name for username login. Add domain option:

'defaults' => [
    'guard' => 'web',
    'passwords' => 'users',
    'domain' => '',

to file config/auth.php. Then if an user tries to login with no domain the default domain will be appended whe logging.

So with previous example you can type at login:


and system/javascript will replace that with:


Laravel adminlte package by default publish Laravel translations into Javascript/Vue.js adding to HTML header the following script:

    window.trans = @php
        // copy all translations from /resources/lang/CURRENT_LOCALE/* to global JS variable
        $lang_files = File::files(resource_path() . '/lang/' . App::getLocale());
        $trans = [];
        foreach ($lang_files as $f) {
            $filename = pathinfo($f)['filename'];
            $trans[$filename] = trans($filename);
        $trans['adminlte_lang_message'] = trans('adminlte_lang::message');
        echo json_encode($trans);

This script is located in partial blade file (vendor/acacha/admin-lte-template-laravel/resources/views/layouts/partials/htmlheader.blade.php)

So global variable window.trans contains all Laravel translations at can be used in any Javascript file.

Also in file resources/assets/js/bootstrap.js code section:

Vue.prototype.trans = (key) => {
    return _.get(window.trans, key, key);

Allows using directly the trans function in vue templates:

{{ trans('auth.failed') }}

Also you can use inside Vue components code:


Laravel Adminlte messages ara available using prefix adminlte_lang_message:

{{ trans('adminlte_lang_message.username') }}

Feel free to remove/adapt this file to your needs.

Change log

Please see CHANGELOG for more information what has changed recently.


Please see CONTRIBUTING and CONDUCT for details.


If you discover any security related issues, please email instead of using the issue tracker.



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

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