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ATK4 integration with FastRoute

Still needs :

  • more test for patterns route
  • test for calls with extraparameters
  • check if can be simplified
  • add Translation as option
    • add slugging of routes
  • check if can be added MiddlewareInterface
    • to be executed by pattern (Another Router in Router that dispatch MW by route match) ?
    • to be executed per route (before handlingRoute)?
  • add comments to public methods!!!
  • add documentation


Define routes :

  • RoutedCallable : as Callable
  • RoutedUI : as atk4/ui/* Class to be added to the App
  • RoutedMethod : as Class Method to be called like a controller

Routes can be serialized as array to allow loading from external file.

Using Interface implementation to define behaviour and needs of the class ( like flags ) :

  • iBeforeRoutable : request method OnBeforeRoute which will be called right before OnRoute ( setting up app? )
  • iAfterRoutable : request method OnAfterRoute which will be called right after OnRoute ( setup other elements? )
  • iArrayable : have fromArray and toArray to be serializeable
  • iNeedAppRun : if is needed to call ->app->run() after Routing method calls

Next step

  • Having a collection of routes, that in the future can be translatable