PHP package for converting file extensions to MIME types and vice versa.






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PHP package for converting file extensions to MIME types and vice versa.

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This package uses httpd's mime.types to generate a mapping of file extension to MIME type and the other way around.

The mime.types file is parsed by bin/generate.php and converted into an optimized PHP array in mime.types.php which is then wrapped by helper class \Mimey\MimeTypes.


$mimes = new \Mimey\MimeTypes;

// Convert extension to MIME type:
$mimes->getMimeType('json'); // application/json

// Convert MIME type to extension:
$mimes->getExtension('application/json'); // json

Getting All

It's rare, but some extensions have multiple MIME types:

// Get all MIME types for an extension:
$mimes->getAllMimeTypes('wmz'); // array('application/x-ms-wmz', 'application/x-msmetafile')

However, there are many MIME types that have multiple extensions:

// Get all extensions for a MIME type:
$mimes->getAllExtensions('image/jpeg'); // array('jpeg', 'jpg', 'jpe')

Custom Conversions

You can add custom conversions by changing the mapping that is given to MimeTypes.

There is a MimeMappingBuilder that can help with this:

// Create a builder using the built-in conversions as the basis.
$builder = \Mimey\MimeMappingBuilder::create();

// Add a conversion. This conversion will take precedence over existing ones.
$builder->add('custom/mime-type', 'myextension');

$mimes = new \Mimey\MimeTypes($builder->getMapping());
$mimes->getMimeType('myextension'); // custom/mime-type
$mimes->getExtension('custom/mime-type'); // myextension

You can add as many conversions as you would like to the builder:

$builder->add('custom/mime-type', 'myextension');
$builder->add('foo/bar', 'foobar');
$builder->add('foo/bar', 'fbar');
$builder->add('baz/qux', 'qux');
$builder->add('cat/qux', 'qux');

Optimized Custom Conversion Loading

You can optimize the loading of custom conversions by saving all conversions to a compiled PHP file as part of a build step.

// Add a bunch of custom conversions.
// Save the conversions to a cached file.

The file can then be loaded to avoid overhead of repeated $builder->add(...) calls:

// Load the conversions from a cached file.
$builder = \Mimey\MimeMappingBuilder::load($cache_file_path);
$mimes = new \Mimey\MimeTypes($builder->getMapping());

Programmatically or manually add custom type mappings

You can rename the included mime.types.custom.example to mime.types.custom and recompile. the custom entries always take precedence over built-in defitions.

Updating (advanced)

In case there is a update in the httpd defined types you can run bin/pull.php in this repo to pull new mime files and compile them


Compatible with PHP >= 5.4.

composer require xantios/mimey


Original version created by rodolfoberrios