Improves the user experience (UI/UX), provides customization options for editors and enhances the look and feel of TYPO3 backend.

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TYPO3 11



What is it?

The Enhanced Backend Extension improves the user experience (UI/UX) in the TYPO3 backend, provides customization options for editors and enhances the look and feel of TYPO3 so that it represents a modern and intuitive eCMS.

It includes these features:

  • Content tree for quick editing content element of a page
  • Many UI/UX optimizations you can choose individually
  • Three customization presets in user settings, e.g. TYPO3-a-like or a complete new modern backend
  • Possibility to combine features as many optimizations as you want


Enhanced backend comes as a TYPO3 extension for the TYPO3 backend. It appears as new tab "enhanced backend" in user settings. All settings are user specific.

  • Install extension via composer
  • Login to your TYPO3 backend
  • Switch to your personal user settings at the right top corner (profile image)
  • A new tab enhanced backend is available
  • Choose a preset to quickly activate a collection of helpful features that are right for you
    • no changes: TYPO3 default backend
    • Vanilla+: Based on the corporate design of TYPO3. Functionalities are not changed or added. There are only minor UI optimizations.
    • Modern: Activates all available features and optimizations of the Enhanced Backend extension. The UI/UX is based on current developments and there is a content tree that allows quick navigation over all content on a page.
  • Of course, all features can be selected individually


With composer based TYPO3 installations, enhanced backend is easily added to the project.

TYPO3 11

composer require 3m5/typo3-enhanced-backend

TYPO3 10

At the moment we are try to backport our extensions to TYPO3 10. But this is not in our focus. So please be patient.

TYPO3 Extension Repository

For non-composer projects, the extension is available in TER as extension key enhanced_backend and can be installed using the extension manager.


Before stable release 1.0

  • Add planned and stabilize features for TYPO3 v11
  • Prepeare for TYPO3 v12
  • Improve documentation

Tagging and releasing

packagist.org is enabled via the casual GitHub hook. TER releases are created by the "publish.yml" GitHub workflow when tagging versions using tailor. The commit message of the commit a tag points to is used as TER upload comment.

Repository: https://github.com/3m5/typo3-enhanced-backend


EnBa TYPO3 PHP Support / Development
main 11 7.4 - 8.2 most recent branch


This project is released under GPLv2 license. See LICENSE.txt for details.