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  • PHP


    Display a Google Recaptcha v2 or v3 or invisible in any custom form with flexible settings and no affection to your existing code. Also works well for SilverStripe 4.x/3.x/2.x & Laravel & Wordpress & other CMS.

  • PHP


    Simple Bootstrap Laravel CMS. Can integrate to any existing Laravel project. Only add few database tables with prefix, not effect your existing database tables. Support Laravel 8.x & 7.x & Laravel 6.x & Laravel 5.x - Amila Laravel CMS

  • PHP


    Save all remote images in the page content editors to your server, replace the image URL from remote URL to your local URL. Add rel=nofollow & target=_blank to external links for better SEO and user experience.

  • PHP


    This is a semi-finished page-tab EXAMPLE plugin, you can change the blade template & Laravel controller to fit your own usage.

  • HTML


    Display sub pages of the current page when you edit a page, drag & drop to change sort orders(sort_value). Top level menus are also sortable.

  • PHP


    Laravel system file explorer, can view & edit files online.(eg. .php/.blade.php/.js/.html/.txt/.json/.css)

  • PHP


    Automatically translate content via Baidu FanYi API or Google Translate API when you add or edit a page

  • PHP


    SilverStripe All-in-one for start a new website. You can build a basic website within 30 minutes after installed.

  • Scheme


    The bootstrap 4 basic theme for SilverStripe. - Bootstrap 4.x CSS, Font Awesome 5.x, JQuery 3.x are included in the - Bootstrap Navbar for menu link included - Mobile page friendly - Very easy to custom

  • Scheme


    Add a Custom Carousel Slider to any page for SilverStripe. Multiple built-in slider template ready to use. Very easily to custom your own slider .ss template.

  • Scheme


    SilverStripe Custom Layout Page with Contact Us Form & flexible frontend with Google Recaptcha.