The Laravel Framework.

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#Laravel Base

Quickly scaffold out a fully functional app within seconds. Come on, be lazy.


  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC) :- Fully functioning role based access control with permission level granularity.
  • Policy & Validation Enforcement :- Set policies and validation rules per each controller route
  • Audit Logs :- Changes to models are stored into the database for audit purposes
  • Auth Logs :- Login / Logout / Register actions are logged for audit purposes
  • Menu Manager :- Fully integrated with RBAC to ensure only privileged users can see and access the links.
  • Datatables :- Fully-ajaxified datatables that ensures the best user experience.
  • User management :- Full control of you application's users including changing passwords, deactivating, blacklisting and login as user
  • Authentication :- Login, Logout, Registration, Forgot Password - your usual stuff for authentication
  • Translation :- Easy support for multiple language
  • Module based loading :- All routes and resources are loaded via the ServiceProvider. Don't want a module? Remove the service provider.
  • Scaffold Generator :- Pure joy from all of the above with just one command

Getting Started

  1. composer create-project zulfajuniadi/laravel-base projectfolder where projectfolder is the folder you want to create your app.
  2. Create your database
  3. Change directory to projectfolder cd projectfolder
  4. php artisan app:install
  5. php artisan migrate --seed
  6. php artisan serve (This will run a development server on port 8000)

Default username and password: admin@example.com / admin